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Millennials Arrived at GeneXus 27 Conference Ready to Shape Their Futures!

GX27 (the annual tech conference of GeneXus International) was jam packed with information, inspiration, and hands-on workshops that drew over 4,000 business and technology professionals from around the world to explore the questions we all want to know: Where are we going with these AI-powered emerging technologies and what should we do to maximize our opportunities and build the businesses of the future?

The conference offered unique perspectives on AI, machine learning, blockchain, software development, automation and more from thoughtleaders throughout Latin America and Asia.

With the mantra of this year’s conference being, “Shape Your Future,” it’s no wonder that GX27 drew a record number of Millennials and, not surprisingly, quite a few Generation Zs too. The future is theirs to shape and, with more technologies and opportunities available to them than prior generations had at their age, these future leaders are engaged, excited, driven and ready to shape the future now!

For the first time in history, we live in an age where there are more generations living and working together than ever before. As Generation Z prepares to enter the workforce in 5 years, we now have Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials and Generation Z working side-by-side with emerging technologies that everyone is struggling to understand. Companies will need to figure out how to engage multiple generations using tools that allow for flexibility and fast innovation that suits the Millennial as much as it does the Baby Boomer. This is the only way executives will bring true digital transformation to their organizations.

At GX27 this year, we were excited to announce (with the Ceibal Plan) a new program called “Young People Programming.” We’ll be sharing more about this innovative program for Millennials and Gen-Zs in the coming weeks. But, without a doubt, GeneXus has empowered young people to take leadership roles and to learn how to develop the technologies of the future through numerous programs over the past 30 years. And we’ll continue to do so as we help our enterprise customers transition to the new digital era with diverse staffs.

In the meantime, check out the Instagram photos below taken by our Millenial and Gen-Z attendees. This is why we are hopeful and inspired about the future and why you should be too!

Photo by Lucia Grigorio (@lucia_grigorio)


Photo by Santiago Bentancourt (@santiago_bentancourt)


Photo by Patricia Chabot (@patriciachaboteventos)


Photo by TyN Magazine (@tynmagazine)


Photo by Valerie Nicolella (@valuss)


Photo by Lucia Grigorio (@lucia_grigorio)


Photo by Alejandro da Rosa (@alejandro95uy)


Photo by Gemena (@gimenam_)


Photo by Fabio Andrade (@fandrades)


Photo by Cin (@xinthia_s)


Photo by Timothy Peraza (@timoperaza)


Photo by Angeles Vildos (@angeles Vildos)


Photo by Sebastian Miraglia (@seba_miraglia)


Photo by Lucia Deandrea (@ludeandrea)




Photo by Mathias Ignacio Manisera (@matutemani)


Photo by Lucia Deandrea (@ludeandrea)


Photo by Victor Villar (@vrvillar)


Photo by Marie_France Bourgeois (@mariefbw)


Photo by Marie_France Bourgeois (@mariefbw)



Photo by Cami (@camilabelen_18)



Photo by Pedro Guille (@guillepedro)

Photo by Franco Guerzoni (@francoguerzoni)

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