How Citizen Developers Will Change the Role of DevOps — and Why It Will Be Better for Everyone

New AI-powered technologies being embraced by the enterprise provides all staff levels with capabilities previously restricted to IT. Among these new capabilities is the new role of citizen developers, where most anyone in an organization can develop  applications using self-coding programs. This is a good thing on the whole, but as with any other revolution, it comes with challenges and potential drawbacks, which CIOs and their teams will need to address.

Digital Transformation is the People’s Revolution

It’s hard to escape digital transformation. We read about it, discuss it and most of us are engaged in at least one, and likely several, digital transformation initiatives. Many who have not been involved in digital transformation wonder what differentiates it from previous technical eras, which is a legitimate question, as we have used computers and other electronic technology for decades.

Insurance Tech in the Post-Mature Industry Era

Industries and businesses have traditionally been defined by four primary phases or some variation thereof: startup, growth, maturity and decline. A legitimate argument can be made that maturity is no longer a sustainable or even existing stage for any sector, including the ancient one of insurance.

The Formula for Retailers to Engage Tomorrow’s Consumer: Agility + Speed + Optimized Costs

There is a clear business transformation happening based on the usage of mobiles, tablets and laptops. More and more people are spending time using these devices to connect and to search for information. The major challenges for companies is to connect with customers through all these devices in real time and to create campaigns that work across social media, display advertising and e-commerce.

What We’ve Learned from Working with Over 135,000 Software Developers and IT Managers

Having reached another milestone, with the expansion of our global footprint to the U.S. where, in addition to having over 50 enterprise customers, we’re seeing a huge demand for our services, and our inclusion in Gartners Magic Quadrant as a Challenger, report there’s no better time than now to give a shout out to the community of developers, IT managers and our customers-at-large, who have made this possible!

What Customers Really Want is Technology-Enabled Simplicity — Here’s How to Give it to Them

Uber, Vimeo, ASOS, and Apple are some of the most successful disruptors in the current digital economy. These companies took an already mature market and used technology to make valuable connections with their customers. These companies did not invent a new product — they reinvented the way business is done within the economy. They knew what their consumers wanted before they realized it.

It’s Time for CIOs and Dev Ops to Take a Leap of Faith Into the Future

The days when creating a “mobile responsive” website and establishing “bring your own device” guidelines were enough to compete in the digital market, are GONE!

More and more, customers and employees are choosing to buy, spend, invest, and work via their phones and tablets, and very soon with gadgets. The more mobile we can be while searching, working, and shopping, the better. That trend will only continue as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and virtual reality continue to invade the public sphere.