The Future of “code-writing software” and Its Effects On Business

After 25 years developing and selling the GeneXus product, which among other things writes software, now we hear a lot of buzz regarding the significance of automatic software writing.

I‘m particularly motivated to write about this topic as a result of an article published in Info Technology and titled “Will software that writes code alter tech’s script?”. It was a translation of the original article by Richard Newton’s[*], which was published by Financial Times.

Who let the robots out? We did it, and they’re coding for you

Coding is dead. Dead. At least coding as we know it.

Although we’ve been using Artificial Intelligence to automatically write and maintain code here at GeneXus since our early beginnings almost three decades ago, the world (for the most part) has not been quite ready to embrace the message about the power of automated software. But now, the time is ripe and enterprise companies around the world are ready to embrace the future. These are exciting times!