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Every employee in an organization should be empowered to innovate now and fast. Here’s how we make that happen.

It’s critical now, more than ever before, with technology advancing so quickly, that employees throughout an organization (from the developers, to the business side, to c-suite executives), receive quality, ongoing training on the technologies that directly impact their work and the customers.

But here’s the thing, everyone learns at a different pace and in various ways to suit their learning style. And, with everyone having such hectic schedules and demands today, flexibility on when, where and how you choose to learn is crucial.

Because we believe that true digital transformation is about people first, we’ve developed our training program to offer quick, easy and engaging ways for everyone to learn how to develop and launch innovative enterprise mobile applications quickly, and to stay up-to-date on the GeneXus 15 Software Automation Platform, and the latest technology advances and research to facilitate true transformative change.


Free on-demand video courses you
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Live innovation workshops for teams
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Interactive presentations on trends and
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Research, articles, guides, and info on
innovation strategies and development

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Introduction to GeneXus through a product demo. See first-hand why GeneXus was named Challenger by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development 2017 report. Learn the main features and benefits of GeneXus and the GeneXus methodology vs. traditional development.

GENEXUS 15 Course

GeneXus™ 15 facilitates the path to digital transformation, with more options for the data management, dynamic transactions, more collaboration features, and cloud computing providers to choose the best services for your business. Start developing your own applications.


GeneXus’ Mobile Application Generator is the smartest solution to digitally transform your enterprise. This Mobile Application Generator will allow you to create enterprise and end user applications for any Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Windows device in an agile and secure way.

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