first genexus symposium

The Future of Enterprise Automation

How Companies Can Survive the Digital Transformation

During the Summit, GeneXus executive leadership and global partners shared their vision, strategies, and insights for the enterprise to maximize opportunities to engage customers more meaningfully with disruptive technologies like AI, machine learning, blockchain, and chatbots.

Bellow, you will find the Presentations of the GenXus Summit USA 2018. Download and spread the news!

Till next year!

Guest Speakers

Digital transformation – Trends and Opportunities

Nicolas Jodal

CoFounder & CEO, GeneXus

GeneXus Short and Mid-term Innovations

Gaston Milano

CTO, GeneXus

GeneXus Business Overview

Gisela Bertelli

Global Sales SVP, GeneXus

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Overview

Eugenio Garcia

Product Manager, GeneXus

Increasing Productivity with Dvelop tools

Agustin Napoleone

Co-Founder and CCO, DVelop Software Solutions

From Digital Transformation to Human Transformation – the Impact of Accelerating Technologies on Employees

Charlie Oliver

Founder/CEO, Tech 2025

Modernization Projects with GeneXus

Guillermo Skrilec

GeneXus Consulting

Application Security with GeneXus

Gerardo Canedo

Application Security at GeneXus Consulting

K2Btools: Enhance the development experience with GeneXus

Sergio Prusky

VP of Business Development, GeneXus