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Code for Change: Tips for Developing Applications at Market Speed


How fast can you develop apps for your SAP R/3 or HANA?

Developing Apps for SAP environment at market speed must be done for organizations to remain competitive and prosperous in the future. 

Adaptability, agility, and flexibility are the name of the game in business today. A company that can’t pivot on a dime and adopt new philosophies or technologies may find itself abandoned by customers and ignored by prospects.

So what should you do if you aren't moving at the speed of market? DOWNLOAD our new white paper to learn three crucial tips that can help you get on the fast track!

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White Paper written by Antonio Julio

Antonio Julio


The main challenge SAP users face is developing applications that can run in on-premises and off-premises environments. They must be able to run applications on existing R/3 and be ready to run on HANNA as well. GeneXus is the only tool that makes that happen fast and at a low cost.

Antonio Julio • Head of Business Development North America • GeneXus