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It’s Time for CIOs and Dev Ops to Take a Leap of Faith Into the Future

The days when creating a “mobile responsive” website and establishing “bring your own device” guidelines were enough to compete in the digital market, are GONE!

More and more, customers and employees are choosing to buy, spend, invest, and work via their phones and tablets, and very soon with gadgets. The more mobile we can be while searching, working, and shopping, the better. That trend will only continue as the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, mixed reality, and virtual reality continue to invade the public sphere.

Companies need to start thinking about mobile as a standard rather than simply an option. For those of Generation X and older, this can be a tough place to start. We grew up thinking the web itself was where it’s at — it was our main introduction to the digital sphere. However, increasingly, mobile-based apps can do more, faster — in ways that work better for the customer — than any website ever could. For that reason, leaders need to start focusing on mobile solutions — and beyond — rather than web as a starting place for forward-facing business strategies.

Today, companies transitioning to the new, cloud-based, digital mobile era need to innovate more frequently and faster than ever before. Many CIOs and Dev Ops are realizing that, if an organization doesn’t have the right tools, it will not only waste valuable time, talent, and money, but it will risk being left behind in the next technological era.

At GeneXus, we work with many managers who are concerned about finding the right mobile solutions — and they should be concerned! There are so many so-called solutions on the market, it’s hard to know which one is not only a fit for your organization, but a tool that can grow and help your organization to become future-proof advancements in technologies fly at us quicker than ever before. Are your business systems able to innovate effectively, simply, and quickly? That’s the question.

And that is the area where GeneXus plays very well — mobile solution for digital transformation and dynamic applications integrated into your business systems in the fastest and most efficient way possible. In this context, GeneXus’ Mobile Application Generator is the smartest solution to digitally transform your enterprise.

GeneXus Mobile Application Generator will allow companies to create enterprise and end user applications for any Android, iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Windows device in an agile and secure way.

And what is best, to build a bridge from your legacy environment to a new digital world — GeneXus allows you to quickly extend and integrate all kinds of systems, even legacy systems (Cobol, RPG, Visual FoxPro, etc.). Easily create native mobile applications integrated into your current systems.

Companies must be willing to adapt and change if they are going to survive. Businesses that thrive will be the ones that jump in on the front-end, rather than waiting for the next tech ice age.

Jump ahead with Genexus. Reach out to me at ajulio@genexus.com for a demonstration and free trial.


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