Speed The Digital Transformation with GeneXus 16

And the digital transformation is getting at full speed ahead. Many companies are already leading the initiatives to implement solutions towards to the necessary digitization the world is asking. However, there are a bunch of companies delaying decisions on implementing actions and strategies to adopt the digital transformation. These companies are having a major risk to fail and lose customers and business.

To meet the challenges of digital transformation, enterprises are turning to adoption of flexible tools, rapid transformation and cost optimization. These initiatives are creating a lot of new opportunities not only to companies but also to individuals that want to explore new business models. By the way – business model to the digital work pass thru new operational methods to gain agility and breaking traditional ways to bring solutions to the market.

The software development is one of the key foundation to the digital world and working following traditional process in today’s digital world is a death sentence.

On the digital world a marketeer could create its own application with no dependencies of the IT department. As a matter of fact, Gartner is calling this approach of BI-Modal IT – keeping the traditional IT structure to keep the most critical and legacy environment and at the same time opening the opportunities to add new methods without the meritocracy we find on typical hierarchy organizations. Sales, Marketing, Logistics are gaining fast solutions based on this approach.

What makes this approach possible are tools designed to help companies and individuals to fast bring applications to the market with great user experience. And in order to keep GeneXus relevant in this approach, we just released the GeneXusX 16 – the most advanced and robust version of GeneXus ever. Developed using concepts of AI, machine learning and voice recognition, GeneXus presents a complete package for software development.

With GeneXus 16 we are adding the following:

  • Multi experience development platform
  • Design Systems, sets Principles, Patterns and Design Practices
  • Base Styles and Stencils integrated to GeneXus 16
  • Integrates Dashboard objects for metrics and graphics; Business Modeling Process and Flow
  • Web responsive tool
  • Generators for JAVA, C#, .NetCore, Swift, Java for Android
  • Chatbot generator
  • Serverless

All included to offer the power a company or an individual need to be deliver a digital transformation.

Visit www.genexususa.com for more info.

Antonio Julio


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