Webinar Recap: Trunk-Based CI/CD Automation – the New Kid on the Block Disrupting Companies

Last week, GeneXus hosted an information-packed webinar that focused on the emerging role of Automation Architects and the methodologies they employ as a part of their Conversations on Digital Transformation series. These engineers and their practices have substantially reduced development and deployment times, as well as having dramatically increased quality of deliverable. Featured guests for this virtual event were David Shen, Senior Director of Engineers for Viacom and Antonio Julio, Head of Business Development, North America, for GeneXus USA.

The Future of “code-writing software” and Its Effects On Business

After 25 years developing and selling the GeneXus product, which among other things writes software, now we hear a lot of buzz regarding the significance of automatic software writing.

I‘m particularly motivated to write about this topic as a result of an article published in Info Technology and titled “Will software that writes code alter tech’s script?”. It was a translation of the original article by Richard Newton’s[*], which was published by Financial Times.