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What Customers Really Want is Technology-Enabled Simplicity — Here’s How to Give it to Them

Uber, Vimeo, ASOS, and Apple are some of the most successful disruptors in the current digital economy. These companies took an already mature market and used technology to make valuable connections with their customers. These companies did not invent a new product — they reinvented the way business is done within the economy. They knew what their consumers wanted before they realized it.

We live in a digital economy that demand rapid creation, digital changes to our daily lives. We feel the need to connect regularly and digitally. And companies need to adapt quickly to the changes powered by innovative ideas and technologies.

Recently, McKinsey & Company revealed that “CEOs expect 15%–50% of their companies’ future earnings to come from disruptive technology.” Considering this statistic, it may come as a surprise to these executives that buzzwords — including cloud, diversity, innovation, the Internet of Things, and future of work — does resonate with digital transformation and most of them are far behind the curve in terms of achieving the goals of delivering their company’s road map for the digital economy.

What customers really want is technology-enabled simplicity in every aspect of our lives. If something is too complicated to navigate, most of us stop using the product. And what companies need to thrive in this new digital economy is technology-based simplicity to bring new products to the market fast and cost-effectively.

Simplicity is not only a way to develop and bring faster solutions to the market companies are looking forward, but also a way to run the business — faster decisions and agreements, clear process for execution and engagement around all stakeholders with simplicity.

Striving to make daily activities simpler with the use of technology has been seen throughout history. And digital economy just happens to be the first requirement to be completely reliant on technology, simplicity, and digitally powered business connections.

Across every industry, big players are threatened — not only by well-known competitors, but by small teams sitting in a garage drafting innovative ideas that could turn the market upside down. Anyone, anywhere, at any time can cause disruption and bring an idea to life. And those causing the threats — bigger and well established or small and unknown — are using the power of the digital economy with simplicity, agility and effectiveness.

“The foundation of this digital economy is automating everything possible to explore individuals’ talents in other areas such as strategic thinking decisions to put companies ahead of the market with disruption solutions.”

Innovative ideas and new tools and applications aimed to bring disruptive solutions to the market requires faster development, and bolder, cost-effective development. Plus, the use of a technology that can respect the paramount of automating everything possible to explore company’s talents in other areas that require more strategic thinking. A technology that doesn’t require investments in resources besides the ones already available. A technology that is future proof and will always be updated with the technology trends and road map.

The Genexus platform was created to enable any developer (with large or minimum experience) to create cross-platform apps offering outstanding user experience, faster than any other tool in the market.

Our methodology is agile and accelerates the automation of processes such as development, maintenance, integration and modernization of business applications and software systems. This enables employees in any enterprise to quickly adopt modern technologies — the core of the digital transformation.

Being agnostic to programming languages and having the ability to deliver solutions in several environments is what truly sets us a part and is crucial for agility. Another exceptional feature of Genexus that our customers love is that a developer can create apps with Genexus into multiplatform — JAVA, SWIFT, iOS, Android, etc. — without the need to add specific resources with knowledge on these platforms.

The path to true digital transformation should offer more options for data management, dynamic transactions, more collaboration features, and cloud computing providers to choose the most appropriate services companies look for in the digital world. If you’re working with tools that don’t offer you this, you’re not transforming your organization, you’re swimming in shallow water.

I could go on and on. But the point is, the companies that are not only thriving in these new digital economies, but growing, are based on the solutions that Genexus offers.

If you’d like to learn more, or have any questions, feel free to email me to schedule a chat: ajulio@genexus.com.


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